SMARTLINE Rodless Cylinders


Technical Features
Material:   Aluminum parts made of highstrength alloy, sealing parts made of oil resistant plastics and elastomers
Cushioning:    The mode of operation of the new pin-type cushioning is similar to an injection pump, which means that the flow rate ist changed by turning a control edge. A turning angle of 90° is sufficient for altering the cushioning effect from 0 to 100 %.
Operating temperature:  -20 °C ÷ +80°C.
Medium:  Filtered and slightly oiled or
lubricated compressed air
Filtered and slightly oiled or
lubricated compressed air
Operation:  double acting with adjustable endof-travel cushioning
Operating pressure: 

2 ÷ 8 bar.



SL Standard cylinder
SL-C Short cylinder
SL-G Guiding cylinder
SL-GC Guiding cylinder with 2 guide carriages
SL-DG Guiding cylinder with short guide carriage
SL-BG Guiding cylinder
SL-HG Guiding cylinder
SL-HGC Guiding cylinder
SL-L Guiding cylinder with safety unit
SL-P Parallel cylinder
SL-Q Gripping cylinder
SL-QC Gripping cylinder
SL-T Tandem cylinder
SL-TC Tandem cylinder